Simplicity is Our Motto

Dinero want to make things simple and easy for you. To do this we buy, store/stock, pack and send out all the items that you receive orders for - you just have to receive the orders.

All you have to do is to use Dinero's simple system to upload all the carefully prepared details very quickly to your shop and then start selling to millions of people out there.  

What to Sell?

Dinero have sourced around the world for great products to sell in Malaysia. We have suppliers frrm Australia, UK, USA, Finland, Thailand, Malaysia and many more countries and are constantly adding suppliers of high quality products to our list.

Dinero are also the sole exporter for several brands so this give you a further advantage as others will not be able to sell.

It is your choice what to sell - just browse our products and upload what you like.

How to Sell

Dinero's e-commerce platform haas been designed to make it easy for you to sell. You may manually select and copy each item to be added into your ecommerce site/blog/social media OR you can integrate with our system via API. Let the system automatically add and update the products for you while you do what you do best – SELLING.

No need to keep stock. No minimum Order. Buy at wholesale price.

Yes, you read it right. There is no minimum order quantity even though you pay wholesale price for each item. We will deliver the item straight to your customer even if it is only one item. And yes, you are buying at wholesaler price.

The Hard Work made easy for you.

Dinero takes care of the hard work for you - we pack and send out. All you have to do is to accept an order and forward to Dinero. How long does this take - MINUTES.

Your Advantage by Using Dinero

Dinero source for products that have not yet been launched in Malaysia and are certain to be best sellers. You have a Big Advantage over other Dropshippers and market places as you have New Products well before they do.

Dinero also negotiate volume discounts and pass the savings onto you. By buying in bulk we also reduce shipping costs again passing the saving onto you.

Dinero also act as a filter - we sort the good suppliers from the bad. Have you been "ripped off" before, no goods arrive from abroad or are damaged or are not as described. We stop this and you receive genuine, undamaged products. 

By already having stock in Malaysia we avoid long delivery times and possible delays for you.