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1.7 Liter Oil Pot

Product Sku : 1069

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Size: 1.7 Liter Oil Pot

Material: Aluminium

Available in 3 colours

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Dark Gray, Red, Green

Packing: Heat Sealing Film

This is a multi-functional oil pot that combines quick filter oil and environmentally friendly oil storage to create a new concept in the kitchen. Easy to use. Safe and environmentally friendly, a good helper in the home kitchen.

Filter cleaning:

1. Clean the filter with a soft rag;

2. Dry the filter screen with a dry rag;

3. Then use a hair dryer to blow a small wind for 2-3 minutes;

4. Apply a layer of vegetable oil to the surface of the filter and store it.


1. Since the mesh connecting part is made of iron, do not rinse or soak it with water. If you accidentally get water, please dry it in time.

2. When storing oil or filtering oil, do not exceed the connection of the handle. There may be gaps in the joint of the rivet. If it exceeds, it may cause oil leakage.

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