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Wooden Spatula / Wax Applicator Sticks for Hair Removal Wax

Product Sku : 000419

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Wooden Wax Applicator set:

ARONA wax wooden spatula sets are made from premium natural wood with a smooth and flat surface.

To fulfil your needs we have put together a set of wooden spatulas for your waxing needs:

4 x Small size wooden spatula for usage at small area and face. You may use the same spatula for nose waxing as well.

10 x Big wooden spatula for whole-body usage. Very convenient for usage around the legs.

Perfect for Home or Salon Using. These wax sticks for removing hair on multiple areas of your body and bikini or any other detailed areas as well as larger areas such as arm, leg, face, armpit, chest and back.

Apart from using it for your waxing treatment, ARONA Wooden Spatulas may also be used for medical & crafts activities.

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